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Used concrete plants and used equipment related to concrete product manufacturing

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20 years in business !

Buy or sell used block machines, concrete block plants and other other concrete equipments. A selection of products ranging from bush hammer to block mold, cement silo, concrete mixer, paver online aging system and paving stone plant, spiral blade mixer, slab press, steel pallets, strapping machine and much more.


  • Zenith






    Complete Zenith Board on board machine operation. Was bought used years ago and never installed since. Has not worked much (3-4 years). It was professionally dismantled by Zenith. It has a 16 to 20 seconds cycle time.

    The Zenith Scope of equipment is as follows:

    • 1 ZENITH model 820 machine with hard-facing unit. 1350x650

    • 1 Air conditioning Unit for PLC

    • 1 Hydraulic Intermediate Transport (Wet-side)

    • 1 Product Brush • 1 Pallet Stacking Device ( 2 u-pallets deep,10 levels high)

    • 1 Slat conveyor (16m long)

    • 1 Pallet retainer • 1 pallet Cleaning Brush

    • 1 pallet water spraying device

    • 1 Complete Control system (SPS) Siemens w/ 0P17 panel

    • 1 Pallet de-stacking Device (2 u-pallets deep, 10 levels high)

    • 1 Powered chain conveyor (to receive 2 x 10 stacked u-pallets w centering device)

    • 1 Intermediate transport (dry side chain conveyor)

    • 1 Cubing station (w/ travel gear, hydraulic lift and 4-way clamp)

    • 1 Stretch Wrap machine w exit conveyor

    • Set of Moulds for blocks, pavers, brick with core (core puller included)

    Mold list: Modular brick x2 King brick x2 Colonial paver 8" reg 4" solid 2.25" solid 16" pad 6" reg 8" kobb 12x8x12 12x8x16 x2

  • Columbia






    Complete columbia CPM-40 plant including:

    Columbia CPM-40 block machine (1997)

    Chain drive green block conveyor (20 LF)

    PACO pallet accumulating tower

    PACO AutoRack 800

    PACO Crawler Platform 800

    PACO Depalleter

    Besser Lithibar Splitter/Turnover

    Power roller conveyor 40 LFx 30 inch wide

    PACO Cuber

    PACO wood pallet injector Gravity roll out conveyor


    The plant was refurbished in 2015 and is in excellent condition. 



  • Besser






    USED complete Besser V3-12 Block Plant

    Comes with:

    ( 1 ) USED Besser V3-12 Block Machine #V3-12F 1988 Model V3-12F 3 AAT Block Machine Allen Bradley 5/02 PLC Warner Brakes Dual Cam Bescodyne Drive Pallet Scraper Air Compaction Mold Pin Guidance This Block machine is in excellent condition. It was ran seasonally, one shift, 5 days per week. It has had excellent maintenance and necessary repairs. All the Cams are in good condition. The bull gear is good and the pinion is a new style in good condition. The feed box looks new.

    ( 1 ) USED 8x8x16 cinderblock mold

    ( 1 ) USED Bessermatic Multi-Spade Handling System 1988 Model MS – 7 Pallet handling System Allen Bradley 5/02 PLC Warner Brakes 9 – High 4 – Bay Rack Conveyor Shift System Block Finishing Brush Besser BTO- 4 block Turnover Hydraulic Depalleter This equipment is in excellent condition and has been very well maintained.

    ( 1 ) USED Besser 80 C/F Mixer Position One 80 Cubic Foot Air Clutch Shaft Covers and Side Scrapers Cleaning rings Mixer is in excellent condition. It will need bladders and liners with in one year of normal operation. It comes with the motor starter and disconnect.

    ( 1 ) USED Columbia Cuber # 12 1986 Model Hydraulic Pump New PLC Panel Up Grade from Columbia in 2004. The Cuber is in excellent condition. The new PLC panel is from the OEM Columbia. It has a 20 HP Hydraulic Pump that is used to operate the Depalleter and Turnover.


    ( 2,632 ) USED Block Pallets 18 ½” x 26” x 5/16” Pallets Radius Corners Pallets are used, but in good condition. ( 1 ) USED Besser / Jonel Batching System PC Based Batching System Batching Control Box Aggregate and Cement Batch Weigh Bins All Load Cells and hangers Additional Batching Components

    ( 1 ) USED Ancillary Equipment Product Roller Conveyors Control Panels Electrical Disconnects Motor Starters Electrical Conduits, Wiring, Junction Boxes Special Tools Any and all additional equipment used in the normal operation of the block plant. What this means is any equipment or device that is deemed useful and can be efficiently removed and reused in the installation will be included and available.

  • Besser






    Complete Besser V312 block plant available at liquidation pricing! Still installed. Very good condition as it has not worked much since it was serving a small market. C/w: Columbia 80 cu. Ft. mixer 80 cu. Ft. Skip hoist Besser V312 block machine Paco Loader Unloader(Best on the market) Paco Autorack handling system (Best on the market) Proneq cuber Exit conveyor Related conveyors, compressors, hydraulic units, controls, etc. Also available: 70 racks 7 high, 3 deep, 3 large with 10" spacing for the autorack system 3000 Steel pallets 18.5x26 inches

  • Form Impianti


    Form Impianti


    Used 2001 Form Impianti half board plant for the production of paving stone production located in the US.  

    This is the ideal plant to produce high quality paving stone on a recent European board machine. 

    Very compact setup: can fit into 4,800 sq. ft. building.

    Very efficient at 15 second cycle time. 

    The plant is still installed and can be seen running. 

    Comes with:

    Wiggert 1125 liter pan mixer on its platform

    Inclined belts

    Form Impianti board machine 660 x 1200 mm size 

    Form Impianti finger car handling system (11 high)

    Form Impiamti re-cubing system

    4 Color granular color system with Siemens PLC controls

    1,000 used plywood boards

    Set of 19 Molds with quick release (Made by brunello in Italy)

    Racking system for 6 kilns (can be cut and moved): 11 large, 19 deep

    Related conveyors

    Exit powered conveyor 35 ft. long

    50 Ton cement silo