Used equipment

Block Plants (American type)

Manufacturer Columbia
Model 22 pit style
Year of Manufacturing 1985
Category Block Plants (American type)
Equipment Number 32593
Condition Very good


Used Columbia 22 Pit style complete plant. Sill installed. Can be seen dry cycled. 


Comes with:


1976 Columbia 42 c.ft. mixer model 308-262-1-3. New Spiral blades in 1998. New pillow blocks and bearings in 2008. New pinion gear and large spur gear in 1990.


1967 Columbia Load Sensor Mix Mizer batch plant with an updated

Toledo (1992) electronic load cell cement scale and a computerized water

metering system in 2000. Two separate complete load sensor batch plant controls

(1974) purchased from other factories who upgraded their systems. Each has

several replacement modules such as moisture meters stepper switches etc.,

several of these being brand new.


Columbia 28 c.ft. skip hoist and hopper modified to accommodate the 42 c.ft.

Mixer by increasing height of bucket and doubling the pulleys to increase load capacity of hoist and steel cable.


1985 Columbia Model 22 H block machine with air bags on the head and

pallet table. Controlled by a Texas Instrument 5TI PLC.


1974 Columbia UL20 hydraulic powered rack loader unloader. Upgraded with a Dynco pallet scraper (1990). Replaced original Columbia hydraulic valves with self centering outboard mounted valves in March 2012.


1974 Cleaner and oiler return conveyor model #303-131-1


1974 Columbia model #440-15-1 clamp block turnover upgraded with a belt conveyor in 1999


1974 Columbia No.2 semi automatic cuber modified to use electronic eye table

height control with direct electrical control of the solenoid valve.


Air compressor


Related hydraulic units


Spare parts


2500 18 x 20 x 1/4” steel pallets exact quantity to be confirmed


53        3 bay, 6 high, 2 deep steel racks, 9-3/4” spacing between shelves.  Proper size to            use with UL20 Columbia loader/unloader.


1980 Complete metric mold package to make 5cm solids, 10, 15, 20, 25,

30cm stretchers. 25 and 30cm L corner molds. Parts to make scored,

bond beams, solids, semi solids, etc.


1990 Molds with heated shoes and heater control unit to make three shapes of paving stone such as Brick (Holland), Uni Decor and Uni Stone


1990 Two molds to make two types of retaining wall blocks


1986 Columbia kiln control units. Four separate units to control

six kilns. Each kiln can store 1000, 20cm equivalents or 1000, 25cm regular

blocks for a total daily capacity of 6000, 25cm regular blocks equivalents

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