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Sharky High Speed Splitter


Sharky High Speed Splitter


Features and benefits

  • Revolutionary new free-floating blade assembly, allows equal force on both top and bottom teeth. This assures a perfect split every time without transmitting any force to the bottom frame or to the foundation. Also allows to split thin products that were difficult to split in the past with a large splitter.
  • Exclusive hydraulic system that modulates automatically both the flow and pressure (variable flow, compensated pressure, load sensing). This allows for fast and precise operations, using 40% less energy than other splitter manufacturers with the lowest generation of heat (No heat exchanger required).
  • Patent pending, 3 cylinders head arrangement where the middle one does all the movements at fast speed and gets a 200% boost from the 2 other cylinders only during the splitting phase. The two outside cylinders also act as a structural support of the splitting assembly.This feature also eliminates all high maintenance guiding bushings and bearings used by others.
  • Dual split detection system:
    • Linear encoders with instant response
    • Hydraulic pressure differential detection system.
    The benefit is a perfect split without over penetration of the teeth (causing white marks), for all blocks including multiple units in a single split.
  • Self leveling independent teeth system transferring force from one tooth to the other and adjusting to uneven concrete blocks for the top assembly.The bottom assembly has the same independent teeth but mounted on an aluminum resilient bar. Combining the two systems allow the best split and the easiest maintenance.
  • Sharky's auxiliary chain pusher (ACP) system is traveling through the whole length of the splitter past the blade and the flip gate for sacrificial piece. The ACP thus manages each layer independently for optimum split accuracy (no cumulative dimensional error). Sharky can also handle with ease products with sacrificial pieces on both ends of the layer, contrary to some splitters where the ACP is only traveling in the area in front of the blade.
  • Touch screen control for easy programming of one permanent recipe per product without having to move or touch any sensors or mechanical parts. Pre programming of every movement including:
    • acceleration
    • traveling speed (infinitely variable)
    • deceleration for fast and precise positioning (+/- 1/16″)
    This permits less downtime on product changes and faster more efficient splitter movement in order to achieve the best looking split product on the market.
  • Simplicity of design results in a very limited number of components to maintain (mounted on a rugged 1″ thick heavy duty frame, capable of receiving 5,000 lbs of concrete product).  This concept makes Sharky, one of the safest and cleanest designs ever built.


  • Automatic flip gate for sacrificial concrete pieces and waste conveyor for evacuation.
  • Inlet and outlet handling including overhead traveling clamp, powered rollers, etc.
  • 16 inches product splitting height.
  • Other PLC controls: Siemens, Allen-Bradley, etc


Sharky High Speed Splitter Specifications
Splitting force
100 short tons (90 metric tons)
Maximum product width 48″ (122 cm)
Min/max product height 1 5/8″ – 12″ (4cm – 30cm)
Electrical power 25 HP
Variable hydraulic pressure Up to 3000 psi
  • Variable Flow
  • Load Sensing
  • Servo Valve for positioning
Auxiliary chain pusher traction 3,000 lbs
Controls Aromat-Matsushita PLC
Linear & rotary encoder
Weight 9,000 lbs