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25 years in business !

Buy or sell used block machines, concrete block plants and other other concrete equipments. A selection of products ranging from bush hammer to block mold, cement silo, concrete mixer, paver online aging system and paving stone plant, spiral blade mixer, refurbished/used pipe plant, slab press, steel pallets, strapping machine and much more.


  • Zenith






    Complete Zenith Board on board machine operation. Was bought used years ago and never installed since. Has not worked much (3-4 years). It was professionally dismantled by Zenith. It has a 16 to 20 seconds cycle time.

    The Zenith Scope of equipment is as follows:

    • 1 ZENITH model 820 machine with hard-facing unit. 1350x650 (Missing $50,000 USD approx worth of parts)

    • 1 Air conditioning Unit for PLC

    • 1 Hydraulic Intermediate Transport (Wet-side)

    • 1 Product Brush • 1 Pallet Stacking Device ( 2 u-pallets deep,10 levels high)

    • 1 Slat conveyor (16m long)

    • 1 Pallet retainer • 1 pallet Cleaning Brush

    • 1 pallet water spraying device

    • 1 Complete Control system (SPS) Siemens w/ 0P17 panel

    • 1 Pallet de-stacking Device (2 u-pallets deep, 10 levels high)

    • 1 Powered chain conveyor (to receive 2 x 10 stacked u-pallets w centering device)

    • 1 Intermediate transport (dry side chain conveyor)

    • 1 Cubing station (w/ travel gear, hydraulic lift and 4-way clamp)

    • 1 Stretch Wrap machine w exit conveyor

    • Set of Moulds for blocks, pavers, brick with core (core puller included)

    Mold list: Modular brick x2 King brick x2 Colonial paver 8" reg 4" solid 2.25" solid 16" pad 6" reg 8" kobb 12x8x12 12x8x16 x2

    Note: The owner must make inventory to validate the current list of what is included in this offer. Some items might be no longer available. 

  • Besser






    USED complete Besser V3-12 Block Plant (RECENT SIGNIFICANT PRICE DROP)

    Comes with:

    ( 1 ) USED Besser V3-12 Block Machine #V3-12F 1988 Model V3-12F 3 AAT Block Machine Allen Bradley 5/02 PLC Warner Brakes Dual Cam Bescodyne Drive Pallet Scraper Air Compaction Mold Pin Guidance This Block machine is in excellent condition. It was ran seasonally, one shift, 5 days per week. It has had excellent maintenance and necessary repairs. All the Cams are in good condition. The bull gear is good and the pinion is a new style in good condition. The feed box looks new. Allan Bradley PLC Controls

    ( 1 ) USED 8x8x16 cinderblock mold

    ( 1 ) USED Bessermatic Multi-Spade Handling System 1988 Model MS – 7 Pallet handling System, Warner Brakes 9 – High 4 – Bay Rack Conveyor Shift System Block Finishing Brush Besser BTO- 4 block Turnover Hydraulic Depalleter This equipment is in excellent condition and has been very well maintained. TI PLC Controls

    ( 1 ) USED Besser 80 C/F Mixer Position One 80 Cubic Foot Air Clutch Shaft Covers and Side Scrapers Cleaning rings Mixer is in excellent condition. It will need bladders and liners with in one year of normal operation. It comes with the motor starter and disconnect.

    ( 1 ) USED Columbia Cuber # 12 1986 Model Hydraulic Pump New PLC Panel Up Grade from Columbia in 2004. The Cuber is in excellent condition. The new PLC panel is from the OEM Columbia. It has a 20 HP Hydraulic Pump that is used to operate the Depalleter and Turnover. Allan Bradley PLC Controls

    (47) USED 4 BAY BLOCK RACKS. Good condition

    ( 2,632 ) USED Block Pallets 18 ½” x 26” x 5/16” Pallets Radius Corners Pallets are used. Very good condition. 

    ( 1 ) USED Ancillary Equipment Product Roller Conveyors Control Panels 


    The plant was purchased used in 2007 then partially installed in USA. Then the recession hit and the machine has not worked since and is in A1 condition. 


  • Besser






    Complete Besser V312 block plant available at liquidation pricing!

    Still installed.

    Has to go before end of June 2017 

    C/w: Columbia 80 cu. Ft. mixer

    80 cu. Ft. Skip hoist

    Besser V312 block machine

    Paco Loader Unloader (No rack conveyor)

    Proneq cuber

    Related conveyors

    Compressors, hydraulic units, controls, etc.


  • Form Impianti


    Form Impianti


    Used 2001 Form Impianti half board plant for the production of paving stone production located in the US.  

    This is the ideal plant to produce high quality paving stone on a recent European board machine. 

    Very compact setup: can fit into 4,800 sq. ft. building.

    Very efficient at 15 second cycle time. Productivity: 1,000 SQ. ft. per hour. 

    The plant is still installed and can be seen running. 

    Comes with:

    Wiggert 1125 liter pan mixer on its platform

    Inclined belts

    Form Impianti board machine 660 x 1200 mm size 

    Form Impianti finger car handling system (11 high)

    Form Impiamti re-cubing system

    4 Color granular color system with Siemens PLC controls

    1,000 used plywood boards

    Set of 19 Molds with quick release (Made by brunello in Italy)

    Racking system for 6 kilns (can be cut and moved): 11 large, 19 deep

    Related conveyors

    Exit powered conveyor 35 ft. long

    50 Ton cement silo  

  • Henke




    300Ton Hermetic


    Masa-Henke 300Ton Hermetic Slab Press.

    Complete plant with face mixing batch plant, curing, shot blasting and packaging.

    (base mixer not available)

    1986 Masa-Henke 300 Ton, 6 Station Hermetic Press

    Type- SADP 50/300/6



    Upgraded to Siemens S7-400 controls in 2003. (all new electrical cabling and panels in 2003)

    Major safety systems and guarding upgrade 2012.

    15sec cycle time

    Face Mix Batch Plant with 200liter Henke Mixer, skip hoist, scales, Siemens controls and 7 agg storage bin system.

    1400+ steel production pallets

    Production pallets handled by 2500kg overhead crane

    Production pallet cleaning brush and oiler

    Complete insulated kiln enclosures (4 bays)

    Kraft Vapour Mini curing system (natural gas operated)

    Inline Schlick Roto-Jet shot blaster

    Automated slab cuber/baler with automated rope placer

    Ridder/Signode automated steel bander

    Customer pallet magazine (de-stacker) with slab palletizing clamp

    380v transformer included

    All panels 380v 50/60Hz (Face mix Batch Plant and some other additional items 575v 60Hz)

    Plant is fully functional and currently in operation.

    Mold sizes with textured face plates:

    400 x 400

    400 x 600

    16'' round step stone

    400 x 400 wave side slab

    250 x 500 x 2pcs per cycle mold

  • Columbia






    One complete production line COLUMBIA CPM 50 manufactured 1989
    Complete ring plant with all electronic and hydraulic plant
    Transport belt for the transport of the aggregates and weighing scales
    Weighing scale for cement
    Complete transport conveyors, brush for the cleaning of the stones, vagon / finger car, cuber
    Strapping machine for the finished products
    Complete moulds
    Different spare parts
    Face mix unit for the Columbia

  • Besser






    (1) Besser 1987 V3-12 complete Only ran seasonal , 6 -7 months a year.
    (2( 1974Besser 80 cu. ft. mixer,rebuilt 2013.
    (3) 1980 Besser ev Besermatic with newer depalleter complete.
    (4) 1983 Besser SF-7 semi cuber.
    (5) 3500 vary good pallets 18-1/2 X 26 X 5/16
    (6) Lithabar auto splitter with turn over
    (7) Some spare parts.
    (8) 40 ft. with 90 degree corner conveyor with legs , block conveyor.With legs.
    (9) 40 ft. cube conveyor with legs.
    (10) 80 cu. ft. skip hoist with bucket

  • Columbia




    81 cu. Ft.


    Used 1989 Columbia 81 cu. ft mixer in excellent condition. 

  • Skako






    Used Skako MTV-830 500 liter mixer in very good condition. New blades. Pneumatic discharge door. 

  • Besser




    Besser Block plant including: 

    Besser Block machine model V312-B

    Besser Cuber model SF

    Beco ABC handling system


    Go-Corp Mixer


  • Elkon




    Master 60


    Used Elkon mobile batch plant model Master 60

    Capacity: 60 cubic meters per hour


    Siemens PLC + Siemens touch controls

    PC with concrete producing software in integrated control cabin

    Mixer is fed by belt conveyor


    Condition: Very good. Approx 500 hours usage only


  • Omag




    1400 x 950 mm


    1. Used Omag Tronic 140/90 plant for production of concrete precast elements

    especially for production of concrete paving stones (single layer or double layer with face mix)

    Curing chamber: approx. 5000 boards

    Board buffer: approx. 240 boards

    Out feed conveyor

    (for picking up the stone packets): 8 packets

    1.1. Mixing and batching plant (Doubrava)

    Year of construction: 1994

    with the following parts:

    1.1.1. 25 m³ bucket for the aggregates

    1.2. 2 conveyor belts

    1.3. 1 special conveyor belt for vertical transportation of aggregates to the silo

    incl. 1 new spare part belt

    1.4. 1 Verteilerband verfahr- und reversierbar

    1.5. 7 silos for aggregates (3 x 100 m³, 4 x 50 m³,

    incl. isolated cladding, vibration devices, filling control system,

    incl. dosage systems 450 x 350 mm

    1.5.5. 1 conveyor belt with balance equipment and 2250 l hopper

    1.6. 2 silos for cement, 1 x 120, 1 with two chambers each 60 to

    with steel construction, filling control system, tube system for

    filling, filter system etc.

    1 additional silo for cement 60 to with steel construction, filling

    control system, tube system for filling, filter system etc.

    1.7. 8 screw conveyor with different length

    1.8. 2 balance for cement

    1.9. concrete mixer Eirich RV 12 for face mix

    capacity: 0,3 m³ or 720 kg concrete

    1.10. 1 concrete mixer for base mix with stirrer PEMAT PMR 2250

    1.11. extended area of mixing plant with:

    1.13. 1 conveyor belt for transport of base mix concrete and face mix

    concrete from the mixers to the paving block machine

    1.14. 1 Dosage system for color mix concrete for the face mix

    1.15. 1 DORNER control system PDS 32 for mixing plants, complete

    equipment with hardware and software (see also drawing

    Doubrava AZ 041165 vom 17.03.1994)

    (+ an used control system PDS 32 for spare parts)


    With 5 mixing tanks a 3000 l; pumps, metering system for color slurry based

    on balances

    3. Admixture dosage system , brand Finke

    1 metering cylinder with pump for base mix concrete,

    2 metering cylinder with 2 pumps for face mix concrete

    4. concrete product equipment

    consisting :

    1 concrete product machine Omag Tronic 140/90

    boardsize: 1400 mm x 950 mm x 53 mm

    Max. area for products: 1300 mm x 900 mm

    Height of products: min. 40 mm, max. 400 mm

    1 filling unit for base mix and 1 filling unit for face mix

    1 moving unit for filling unit face mix

    1 mould change device

    1 automatic mould moving system (supports the mould change)

    1 frequency control system for the vibration system; brand: SEW VL T

    5042 (new)

    2 filling control system for the base mix and face mix hopper

    1 measurement system with ultrasonic for the feeding box base mix

    1 control system Siemens S5 with visualization

    16 m transport device between concrete product machine and elevator with

    rubbish remover

    1 elevator 12 to with double action for 32 with 16 floors

    1 collecting rack

    1 maintenance platform for elevator and collecting rack

    1 OMAG finger car group 12 to , 16 floors double boards

    Distance between the floors: 330 m

    1 elevator 12 to with double action for 32 with 16 floors


    Packing line consisting:

    1 22 m transport device

    1 v - belt device

    1 board turner, Z-design

    1 board stacker

    1 board packets buffer system for 6 board packets

    1 cap closer and positioning system with a four side clamp

    1 clamp for building double layer

    1 cubing installation

    1 out feed conveyor with 34 steel pallets inclusive shipping pallet


    1 board brush

    1 boarddestacker

    1 board packets travelling system

    Plant complete with all necessary equipment as hydraulics, control

    systems and safty equipment

    5. Packing Machine

    5. 1 Horizontalumreifung für Kunststoffband Fa. Cyklop

    Modell: XF 172 M Baujahr 2009

    (alternativ: Stahlbandumreifung Modell AM 402; Fa. Ridder)

    5.2. Automatic vertical strapping machine Fa. Cyklop

    5.3. Top sheet dispenser; brand Ridder, model AF 3; year of construction: 1997

    6. Industrial building paver production

    data building:

    built over area 864,85 m² gemäß Architektenaufstellung

    Industrial effective area 19,99 m x (11,015+14,09+14,375) = 789,21 m²

    + 5,645 m x 13,4 = 75,64 m²

    enclosed space 22,68 m x 40,17 x 1,25 = 1.138,82 m³

    + 22,38 m x 39,87 x (8,79 + 7,00)/2 = 7.044,63 m³

    + 5,00 m x 13,79 x /6,065 + 7,00)/2 = 450,42 m³

    + 5,30 m x 14,09 x 1,25 = 93,35 m³


    Summe: 8.727,22 m³

    7. Curing rack system , brand Rotho, for 5.000 boards

    built over area: 865,38 m

    Industrial effective area: 21,515 m x 39,48 m = 789,21 m²

    + 2,39 m x 6,265 m = 14,97 m²

    enclosed space: 22,205 m x 40,17m x 1,25 m = 1.114,97 m²

    21,905 m x 39,87 m x (4,00 + 6,96)/2 = 5.222,65 m²

    6,61 m x 2,735 m x 1,25 m = 22,60 m²

    6,64 m x 2,585 m x (5,00 + 4,63)/2 = 80,41 m³


    Summe: 6.440,63 m²


    8. Compressed air System, brand: DEMAG/COMPAIR

    Equipment for compressed air; brand Demag/Compare;

    Consisting of compressor sprint 011 and compressor L07;

    Refrigerant dryer (new in 2010)

    Compressed air tank 1000 l

    9. water tank 2000 l

    10. vacuum cleaning device , brand esta

    12. moulds (in addition):

    1. Sechseck Normalstein SW 200, 8 cm (Form-Nr. 112.1)

    2. Quadratpflaster 10,5 x 10,5 x 8 cm (Form-Nr. A56.1)

    3. Sechseckzwilling Normalstein 8 cm (Form-Nr. E10)

    4. Sechseckzwilling Anfangsstein 8 cm (Form-Nr. E11)

    5. Sechseckzwilling Randstein 8 cm (Form-Nr. E12)

    6. Wellenverbund 24 x 12 x 6 cm (Form Nr. E15)

    7. Wellenverbund 24 x 12 x 8 cm (Form Nr. E16)

    8. Wellenverbund 28 große + 28 kleine Randsteine 6 cm (Form Nr. E17)

    9. Doppel-T Anfangsstein 8 cm (Form Nr. E22)

    10. Doppel-T Randstein 8 cm (Form Nr. E21)

  • Masa Henke


    Masa Henke




    Concrete plant MASA Henke 140/125/40 Year of construction 1992
    1 pcs. Used Concrete pavers factory Henke / Variant with core and attachment board size 1400x1100 mm Control S5
    Item 2
    1 pcs. Delivery to Hideliter factory
    Item 3
    1 pc. Hubleiter 22 floors single board floor spacing 330 mm Henkel
    Item 4
    1 pcs. Used Vehicle group, with turntable, with support arm adjustment 22 floors Single board Floor clearance 330 mm (HBS)
    Item 5
    1 pcs. Used Dry shelving Shelf spacing 330 mm, 22 floors, 10 .. Chambers 25 Shelving units Factory?
    Item 6
    1 pcs. Used Senkleiter 22 floors single board floor spacing 330 mm
    Item 7
    1 pcs. Used Henke
    Item 8
    1 pcs. Used Transport to the packer, four-sided clamp Hydraulic Henke
    Item 9
    1 pcs. Used Stone packet tape
    Item 10
    1 pcs. Palleted insert Henke
    Item 11
    2 pcs. Used Strapping Vertical Manufacturer: Signode (1xMD head, 1xAK 150) plastic
    Item 12
    1 pcs. Used Strapping Horizontal Fabr.Signode MD head plastic
    Item 13
    1 pcs. Used Brettwender factory Henke
    Item 14
    1 pcs. Used Board transporter to machine and board buffer factory
    Item 15
    Approx. Underlaying boards 1400x1100 mm
    Item 16
    1 pcs. Used Compressor system Compair L15
                                             Mixing system
    Item 17
    2 pcs. Cementilos a. 45 tonnes
    Item 18
    3 pcs. Cementilos a. 90 tons with injection unit and filter unit
    Item 19
    1 pcs. Used Lift bucket / core
    Item 20
    1 pcs. Used Lift bucket / attachment
    Item 21
    1 Teka Mixer Teka for core concrete (THZ 2250.)
    Item 22
    1 pcs. Used Mixer Teka for prefabricated concrete (THZ 750.)
    Item 23
    1 pcs. Used Dudik
    Item 24
    5 pcs. Gebr. Aggregate silo a. 90 tons
    Item 25
    1 pcs. Used additives
    Item 26
    All existing plans and documents, spare parts, software assurance, foundation plans

  • Product Image






    Aggregate Handling System

    Besser/Appco  1999      
    4 - Ground concrete agg bunkers        
    Ramp accessible receiving hopper, 20 ton capacity      
    24" x ___' trough conveyor to overhead agg bins      
    Shuttle belt            
    4 - agg storage bins, 35 ton cap each        
    Weigh belt below agg bins (load cell)        
    Batching System            
    Southeastern Controls batching system        
    LaSeuer Moisture panel             
    Besser 80 CF mixer            
    Discharge trough conveyor to holding hopper  (24" x ____ ft)  (251-09-8)  
    Machine Holding Hopper          
    72 Cu Ft capacity w/ partition and flop gate      
    24" wide metering belt, reversing.        
    Block Machine            
    Besser V3-12J 1999      
    Panel View 1000            
    Air compaction, Posidyne vibration, mold guidance      
    Machine Pallets            
    18.5" x 26"x 5/16      One side fair condition    
    8600 pallets in system.   300 spare pallets.      
    Front Delivery Conveyor          
    Chain style with finishing brush and air knives      
    Pallet dump station            
    2 ton electric hoist with mold carrier        
    Besser MS-10  - 9 spades.          
    New style elevator brakes.          
    Rack Loader/Unloader System          
    Besser LSC-40            
    Rack Transfer System          
    Besser LST-C3            
    63 racks inside, 7 racks outside.        
    135 pallets/rack     3 bay, 9 shelf, 5 deep        
    10 1/2" shelf spacing          
    Curing System/Contols          
    Hurst 4VT-G40-150 Boiler controlled by batch panel      
    Water softener and treatment pump        
    Pallet Unload Conveyor          
    Chain style to depalleter          
    Paco single blade - eccentric type, double push      
    Pallet Return Conveyor          
    Besser chain style             
    Product Feed to Splitter          
    PACO Bar Conveyor            
    PACO turnover            
    Besser Lithibar splitter   Transfer to Oakland    
    Model:       Replace w/ Columbia Splitter at Oakland
    Mounted on track on floor w/ straight roller conv section    
    Besser Lithibar Cuber          
    Model # 44321.09   Wiring # 44321E1      
    Wood Pallet Injector          
    Besser Lithibar wood pallet injector        
    Cuber Discharge Conveyor          
    Roller, motorized            
    Stretch Wrapper            
    Poly Bro W30            
    Discharge Cubeveyor          
    Powered roller conveyor          
    90 Degree Transfer            
    PACO 90 deg cube conveyor          
    50" w gravity roller conveyor   5-10 ft sections      
    Retaining Wall 2 - 8 in high units        
    12 SF              
    12 OBL   Restricted BB Vibrators      
    80808       Vibrators      
    120816 Regular     Vibrators      
    2 1/4x8x16 slabs     Vibrators      
    8 SF   3 cavity mold Vibrators      
    8" BN       Vibrators      
    8 OBL   Restricted BB Vibrators      
    120808   Cores missing        
    4" solid       Vibrators      
    4" SF Solid 4 units centered        
    060816 Reg     Vibrators Transfering to Tulsa.  
    080816 Reg     Vibrators      


  • Besser






    Used 1987 Besser SF7 cuber. 


    Was refurbished and updated in 2015:

    New lift pistons 2015-both

    new rollers for the transfer     late 2015

    new plate 2015

    Updated PLC to AB Micrologix 1100     2015


  • Omag




    140/90 S 22


    Used OMAG 140x90 S 22 Paving Stone production complete with mixing plant

    Feeding additives:
    The aggregates (sand, gravel, split, different grains) are fed by hand-operated scraper. Dosing is carried out by means of weighing
    Item 1
    1 pcs. Used scraper manual operation
    Item 2
    1 piece of movable scale used
    Item 3
    1 pcs. Used dry dosing powder
    Item 4
    1 pcs. Used elevator bucket
    1 pcs. Used mixer factory. Teka 1875 Ltr.
    Item 6
    1 pcs. Second-hand bucket railway manufacturer Rekers Fischmaulentleerung
    Control Mixing system except scraper Fully automatic
    Pos 7
    1 pcs. Used cement silo factory Uher 80 tons incl. Filling unit, overfill protection, filter
    Item 8
    1 pcs. Used cement silo for filler 40 tons incl. Filling unit, overfill protection, filter
    Machine equipment:
    Item 9
    1 pile sealer Year of manufacture 1994 Manufacturer Omag
    Item 10
    1 piece used concrete paver factory Omag year 1994 OMAGTRONIC 140/90 S 22 with core and attachment board size 1400 x 1000 mm with quick clamping
    Item 11
    1 pcs. Used Bret delivery to Hideliter factory Omag
    Item 12
    1 pcs. Used Hideliter 20 floors single board 1400 x 1000 x 60 mm floor spacing 300/600 mm Manufacturer Omag
    Item 13
    1 pcs. (Buffer) movable in front of the wet conductor 1 shelf 1400 x 1000 x 60 mm Floor spacing 300/600 mm Manufacturer Omag
    Item 14
    1 pcs. Used vollautomatic vehicle group with turntable and support arm adjustment simple board
    20 floors Floor spacing 300/600 mm Manufacturer Omag
    Item 15
    1 piece of dry storage 8 chambers 15 places 20 floors 300 planks per chamber 2400 parking spaces, 1 chamber reserve floor spacing 300/600 mm mf
    Item 16
    1 pcs. Second-hand ladder 20 floors single board 1400 x 1000 x 60 mm Manufacturer Omag
    Item 17
    1 pcs. Used Steinlöser factory Omag
    Item 18
    1 pcs. Used wire strapping horizontal
    Item 19
    1 pcs. Used Doppler factory Omag
    Item 20
    1 pcs. Used sliding table (grouping) Manufacturer Omag
    Item 21
    1 pcs. Four-sided packer with turning device Hydraulic Manufacturer Omag
    Item 22
    1 pcs. Used slab manufacturer Omag
    Item 23
    Approx. 2000 used underlay boards softwood 1400 x 1000 x 60 mm 2 years old
    Item 24
    Approx. 50 pcs. Used concrete molds Various Formats, Various manufacturers
    The facility is still in operation


  • Besser






    Used Besser V3-12J block plant with pallet size 26'' x 20.5''

    Comes with: 

    80 cu. ft. Mixer 

    Metering belt with frequency drive

    Besser V3-12J with pallet size 26'' x 20.5''

    • Pin Guidance system
    • electric circuit for heather elements for pavers
    • Bescotstop brakes
    • S.O.P. for high change 60 and 80 mm
    • Mold hoist with electric drive

    Bessermatic model MS loader unloader

    • Standard 9 high BMS, 4 deep
    • Side shifter at unloader side

     LSC-40 Car and Crawler

    Depalletter with pallet return conveyor with a turntable

    Hydroversal Splitter

    CM-18 Splitter for corner units

    Racks: Qtt 80, Standard racks 3 bay, 4 deep and 9 high

    8,600 Pallets 26'' x 20.5'' x 5/8''

    Lithibar semi-automatic cuber

    • Standard semi-automatic cuber with chain lift at side and tier clamps

    Wrapping machine

    Set of 9 Molds with many inserts for standard blocks, split blocks, split fluted blocks and pavers


    Equipment is still installed and running on 380 Volt, 50 HZ

    Batching available for extra


  • Besser






    Used 1994 Besser Ultrapac block plant



    Used Besser Ultrapac – 4 block machine

    • Ultrapac machine

    • Pallet conveyor

    • Pallet return conveyor

    Used Bessermatic handling system with LSC-40

    • Rack conveyor

    • LSC40

    • Loader/Unloader

    • Depalleter

    • Slat conveyor/tippers

    Used Besser Mixer

    • 120CFT mixer

     Dismantled in 2017 and stored inside

    6 Molds

    Jonel batching controls



  • BMH






    Used BMH 8 yard portable batching system for readymix. 

    Productivity: 80 cu meters per hour

    100 ton agg bin and 40 ton cement bin (plus the external 80 ton silo)

    Fully refurbished in 2010 and has not been used since. Relined with with Scandia 400, agg bin extended, feeding tower, structure reinforced, new caabling, etc 

    Requires new PLC controls. Marcotte Systems quoted $34,000

    Erie strayer Pre-Mix 4 cubic meter. Rewired for 550v

    80 ton cement silo with loading pipe, dust collection, sub-structure and cement auger 



  • Lafarge




    Batch type


    Used 1993 Batch Type Tumbling Line

    Comes with: 

    Powered in-feed conveyor that feeds two bundles (~6000kgs)

    Batch type tumbler with new liners TIVAR 88 by Plastruct that automatically feeds a

    Sorting powered conveyor with 6 stations (2 people can be at each stations) where people feed banding cars

    Banding cars for 

    Samuels strapping station with related conveyors

    PLC Controls


  • Masa






    Masa Variant R9001V Concrete block/paving stone Machine, 1983.



    The machine is in good condition and was shut down 4 years ago. The machine has been upgraded with the latest technology over the years.


    The package consist of the following:


    ·         Machine Masa Variant R9001V

    ·         Siemens S7 computer control

    ·         Core- and face mix concrete

    ·         Lifitng- and lowering ladder 10 level

    ·         Singel board

    ·         Wet side conveyor

    ·         Board cleaning brush

    ·         Transportation platform

    ·         Finger car

    ·         Stacking system / Cubing

    ·         Board turning


    4 pcs. different moulds (hollow, paving)


    ·         hollowblockmould 250

    ·         hollowblockmould 120

    ·         hollowblockmould 100

    ·         pavingstonemould

    ·         1 pc. compl. Mixer for core concrete 1m³ - incl.Cement silo….

    ·         1 pc. Compl. Mixer for face mix concrete 0,5m³ - incl. Cement silo


    ·         500 pcs. supporting boards1400x1100 mm

  • Columbia






    Used Columbia Versicut saw and grinder combo with controls

    Has not worked for 10 years.

    Stored inside dry building. 


  • Besser






    Besser Ultrapac complete plant with slight water and heat damage

    Comes with: Besser Ultrapac V4-104

    Bessermatic spade loader / unloader, front and return conveyors with pallet turnover – BMMspl33607

    LSC40 – LSTC-3, Ser# 182, some parts removed but not many.

    Dual line Besser Cuber with two patternmakers and wood pallet feeder and all associated conveyors

    Besser 120cuft mixer

    Has only worked from 1992 to 2009

    Still Installed

    September 2017: The plant had a fire so some equipment has slight fire and water damage. Liquidation pricing reflects this. 

  • FC




    Grinder, Bush Hammer, Brush


    Used 3 stations FC polishing system

    Grinder, Bush Hammer, Hard Brush to produce a smooth and unique finish to your concrete products

    Product size from 30 mm to 300 mm high and 18'' large maximum. 

    First station is dual head grinder

    Second station is rotating bush hammer 

    Third station is 2 hard brushes

    Exit roller conveyor

    575 V

    Start stop controls 

  • BMH




    Used 2012 BMH Concrete plant

    Complete high capacity readymix batch plant that can produce up to 250 yards per hour.

    Excellent condition: The units has done 95,000 cubic meter of concrete since new

    Charging hopper for aggregates

    3 x 32 inch covered conveyors feeding shuttle conveyor to aggregate bins

    5 x 80 ton ( estimated ) aggregate holding bins

    Aggregate feed system control panel from the charging hopper with High and low bindicators

    2 Aggregate weight hoppers  live bottom 42inch belt ( estimated )

    1 feed conveyor from aggregate scales to Mixer

    ACEM   4 M3 twin shaft mixer with auto greaser and extra set of new liners for the mixer

    Gob Hopper ( Can be converted to truck loading hopper )

    Cement weight hopper over mixer with dust control

    3 Wam cement screws

    120 ton 2 compartment silo ( SKIRTED) sits on the ground with 2 bag houses

    120 ton cement silo on 40 ft legs , ladder and bag house and safety rail

    Polarmatic highly efficient aggregate and water heating system (not steam or hot air) 575 volts in a container

    Admixture system in container

    Motor starers, electrical control center in 20 ft container includes main 480 volts

    Marcott computer

    all insulted wall panels for the plant

    Plant built by BMH in 2012  for the Hebron deep water drilling rig

    Equipment is partially dismantled


    Also Available for extra pricing: Ice manufacturing plant with batching and dosing to the mixer: Produces 3 to 4 tons of ice per hour

  • Product Image






    Used 1986 Columbia M50 block plant totally refurbished in 1999.

    Pallet size is 1.05 x 0,55 meters.

    Plant composed by:

    Mixer Columbia 308-327-1-2 with capacity of 3m3
    Machine Columbia 50 with hydraulic pumps, conveyors,...
    Elevator for 30 pallets
    Finger car
    14 curing chamber doors
    3,476 steel pallets 1050x550x10 cm
    Pallet turn over device
    Dust extraction
    Strapping machine Rotoplat from 1999
    Cranes (small ones) 3 tons

  • Tiger






    Used 2011 Tiger TG3 Block Machine in excellent condition


  • Paco




    Spade loader


    Used 2003 Paco spade loader unloader with PLC controls 

    Still installed

    Excellent condition

  • Rigam Balleggi


    Rigam Balleggi


    6 stations


    Used 2006 Rigam Balleggi 6 stations 300 ton rotary press

    Model: RIBA A306

    Makes 3,000 to 5,000 sq. ft per shift

    PLC controls

    Comes with: 

    2 Mixers and conveyors for face-mix (Dry mix) and back-mix (Wet mix)

    Silo and cement attachments.

    Includes 12x12, 8x8, 4x8 stamps.

    Very good condition

  • Rigam Balleggi


    Rigam Balleggi


    250 AS


    2 Used identical 2004 Rigame Balleggi slab presses to imprint pattern on slabs

    Model RIBA 250 AS

    2 man operation for filling and demoldin600 sq. ft. per shift for onw machine with 2 men

    Comes with 14 different stamps

    Very good condition

  • Schlosser






    Used Schlosser SV40 Board machine available at liquidation pricing

    Must be sold and shipped before the end of 2017

    Manufacturer: SCHLOSSER 
    Description: Precast concrete block machine
    Type: SV 40
    Year of construction: 1991 / Modification: 2008
    Board size: 1.400 x 1.080 mm
    Height of concrete blocks: min. 30 mm, max. 300 mm
    Locking of the molding upper part: hydraulic
    Vibration table impulses: Fully synchronized with 2 vibrators (Syncro-vario-plus)
    Board centering: Four-sided in the corner area

    Consisting of:
    - Main concrete and face concrete filling unit
    - Withdrawal plate unit 
    - Magazine for board feed
    - One-piece vibrating table
    - Charging hopper, hydraulic controlled
    - Board feed with linear cylinder (Proportional valve for continuous adjustment) 
    - Load relief
    - Load vibrator
    - Oil preheater and oil cooler
    - Bunker for main concrete and face concrete incl. level control 
    - Switching chute for concrete inlet
    - Scraper on the main concrete charging hopper
    - Hydraulic unit
    - Mobile face concrete charging unit with lifting device

    Consisting of: 
    - Electric control unit
    - Visualization 
    - Control panel
    - Simatic S7
    - Power section
    - Recipe memory for 100 Recipes


  • Rimac




    RTM 4H-4


    Used 2005 Rimac Impacta 4 station slab press

    Excellent condition: Has under 2000 hours of production

    Comes with Siemens PLC controls, 4 sets of molds, hydraulic unit, carriers and spare parts. 

    Still installed

    See additional media for dimensions and specfications

    Further comments on the machine:

    Plant had four sets of molds for the most common cast stone products. 
    23 5/8 X 11 5/8 X 3 5/8"
    23 5/8  x  23 5/8 X 3 5/8"
    11 5/8 X 11 5/8 X 3 5/8"
    7 5/8X 11 5/8 X 3 5/8"

    (exact sizes to be confirmed)

    We are very impressed with the Rimac machine. Compared to a hermetic press, it uses far less cement and when it comes out of the machine press being hammered and is already three or 4000 PSI. The molds will last well over 2 1/2 million cycles! That is because the Hammers tamping down on the product do not cause any to side vibration movement like a block making machine. And lastly you are able to change the height of the product with a flip just one finger at the controls station using the same mold. For example you can be making a 24"X 24"X 2" and while the machine is operating adjust the switch with one finger while the machine is operating making progress from the control panel and start making 1 3/4" slabs. We do not know any other type of machine you can do that with.




  • BMH




    4.5 cubic meter


    Used 2013 BMH Roll Master Mixer

    Capacity: 4.5 cubic meter

    Condition: Excellent, has not worked since 2013

  • Hans Pedersen


    Hans Pedersen


    HD619 1100 mm


    Used Hans Pederson 1100 mm Complete Splitting Line with handling system


    Feeding chain conveyor where lift truck puts product cube on wooden pallets

    Decubing station that consists of wooden pallet lifting system and tier clamp that feeds the splitter layer by layer at 90 degree 

    Underneath conveyor for empty wooden pallet with 90 degree pallet turner

    ACP bar feeding system that feeds the 1100 mm splitter blade

    Splitter blades are 5 sections of 220 mm with carbid tips top and bottom

    Flip gate with 90 degree scrap conveyor underneath for sacrificial pieces

    Recubing station thats consists of wooden pallet lifting system and tier clamp

    2 Hydraulic units

    Siemens PLC controls


    Can split up to 360 mm high product and probably thicker 

  • Columbia






    Used 1986 Columbia 16 Floor block plant

    Comes with: 

    Used Columbia 16 model 9-8709-G

    Prashack 81 cu. ft. mixer #2-6603-81 with extra new big bull gear in wood crate

    Star turnover #2-6611

    Columbia Semi cuber #M2-6611, 313.37

    Columbia UL26 loader unloader complete 2-6612

    Depalleter #336.19

    Pallet cleaner/oiler 303.48

    Hyd. pump #378.7

    2-10 ft. sections of block conveyor

    2-20 ft. section of cube conveyor

    Columbia batching system


    Some spare parts

    110  2 bayX 6 high X 2 deep block racks

    2600 good used pallets. 


  • Besser






    Used 1962 Besser V3R with new stripper head frame put on in 2015

    Besser 60 cu. ft. mixer with skip hoist

    Set of molds