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D.I.T. is a family business that buys and resells used equipment related to the concrete products industry, including block plants, paver plants, pipe plants, and/or components.

Low environmental imprint

We pride ourselves in doing our share for the environment by matching a buyer to every piece of used equipment. Thousands of tons of CO2 are saved by allowing equipment to be reused instead of producing new equipment or equivalent weight of material. D.I.T. has bought and/or resold equipment around the globe including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Belgium, Australia, China and other countries. We have accomplished this mission for the past 25 years by maintaining the trust of our customers.


Since 1993, D.I.T. Equipment has designed and built equipment to serve the concrete product industry.

We specialize in aging equipment for concrete products.

  • Drum tumbling equipment including feeding, tumbling and recubing systems
  • In-line paver aging system: TUMBORO chain surface treatment
  • In-line retaining wall block aging system: HAMMER AGER surface treatment
  • In-line or off-line splitter for large board machine: SHARKY 48″ splitter

D.I.T. Equipment is the North American pioneer in tumbling equipment and has served and supplied almost all the major producers in the industry. Newcomers to this market are guided to maximize their investment.

D.I.T. offers turnkey projects with all of our products. We guide you every step of the way in the dynamic market of aging concrete products.

We are firm believers in the trend of natural look landscaping and masonry products. We have developed an automated wetcast system called the REVO-CAST system to achieve the natural look of veneers, slabs, and tiles.