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Hammer Ager Aging System for Retaining Wall Blocks


Hammer ager* for segmented retaining walls (srw) really replicates tumbling

This process drastically reduces production cost compared to drum tumbling. Reject rate and handling cost are reduced to almost zero.

Hammer Ager Aging System
Hammer Ager Aging System

Hammer Ager* technology

Hammer Ager Aging System

  • Continuous in-line aging process in less than 10 seconds for a “3-at-a-time” block machine (options of big board machine is available).
  • Virtually no additional labor cost to give a tumbled look to your split face SRW.
  • Vibrating hammers use air vibrators that are completely sealed, eliminating all dust contamination and premature wear.
  • This process virtually eliminates rejects and preserves all other blocks faces positioning features (pin hole, lip, tongue and groove).
  • Fast set-up for different product dimensions.
  • Automatic evacuation of concrete debris to scrap bucket.
  • Complete enclosure for sound reduction and safety.
  • Long-lasting wear parts due to oscillating movement rather than rotating movemement.
  • The secret of HAMMER AGER* is its unique way of hitting the block edges at 45° to compress, crush and grind similar to a real tumbler. Treating also the front face exposed areas results in a true tumbled block.
  • Random impact on both edges and the split face of the block combined with special hammer shape gives each block its own aged personality.
  • Proven look in a mature market with more than five years of successful sales.
  • Adjustable speed and impact to achieve different textures or to compensate for longer curing time.

*Patented US 7,063,284 B2


YEARLY SAVINGS with Hammer Ager VS Tumbling

5,000 pallets
of SRW per year
10,000 pallets
of SRW per year
Direct labour $100,000 $200,000
Reject (5%) $40,000 $80,000
Wrapping ($2/pal) $10,000 $20,000
TOTAL SAVINGS $150,000 $300,000