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Tumbler Feeding Systems

Drum Tumbling Aging System

For a constant final look of the product and in order to beneficiate from the efficiency of a continuous process, it is important to feed as slowly or as fast as the packaging will allow. One should also choose the system that allows delicate feeding when cubed on pallets or without pallets.


Tilting powered conveyor

Heavy-duty cube tilting device combined with a powered conveyor to break the cube gradually for delicate feeding into a tumbler receiving chute. Products need to be on wooden pallets for this feeding system.


Soft Feed Step Shaped Pusher(s)

Step Shaped hydraulic pusher for breaking cube sections appart gently against a rubber curtain guide. The product slowly slides onto a reception conveyor belt. The system includes a double pusher feeding alternately on an input conveyor to the tumbler, impact reception bed and conveyor skirting along with tumbler inlet chute.


Pusher can also be used with cubes that are not on wooden pallets.