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Automatic Squidly Plus Single Size Cubing System

Automatic Squidly Plus Single Size Cubing System

Automatic Squidly Plus Single Size Cubing System



Automatic cubing system for single size tumbled rectangular and square pavers.

Squidly Plus is a revolutionary high-capacity fully automatic paver recubing system. It utilizes the synergy between two principles of aligning rectangular pavers on their longest edge along rotating tables. Once aligned, the pavers leave the table on a narrow conveyor and rows are pushed at 90° by an innovative pusher wheel system. They are then recubed on our proven down stacking cuber.



Turn tables

  • Top table: 11 feet diameter with adjustable rings for different paver width.
  • Bottom table: 12 feet diameter independently driven at slower speed.

Row pusher wheel

  • 36 inches aluminium wheel acting like a 48 inches wide pusher.
  • Receiving finger pushing station.

Downstacking cuber

  • Complete with pallet magazine and out conveyor.
  • Incorporates a paver stabilization top dead weight plate to prevent any pavers from sticking out in a layer.
  • Cycle time: 13 seconds.

Quality control infeed conveyor to the double tables

  • 30 inches wide by 15 feet in length.
  • Variable speed.

Cost & Payback Comparison

Cubing Systems Men required Hourly rate Cost/
Savings per shift Number of months before breakeven*
Manual 6 $18 $864 7,200 $0.12 n/a n/a
Squidly semi-automatic using single length pavers 2 $20 $320 8,000 $0.04 $640 5 to 7
Squidly semi-automatic using multi-length pavers 2 $20 $320 6,400 $0.05 $448 7 to 9
Squidly Plus automatic using single length pavers 2 $20 $320 16,000 $0.02 $1,600 5 to 8
Squidly Plus automatic using multi-length pavers 2 $20 $320 16,000 $0.02 $1,600 7 to 10
* Based on 16 hours daily production.

The cost associated with automatic cubing of single size pavers is six times less than manual cubing and half the cost of semi-automatic cubing.

Get the uncompromised look of tumbling without the labor involved to recube.



To re-cube multi-length pavers, refer to Squidly Plus for multi-length pavers.