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Semi-Automatic Squidly Cubing System

Semi-Automatic Squidly Cubing System

Squidly model Ergo-Sort*

Squidly model Ergo-Sort
* Patent pending



Main components Height Width Length
1 Impact belt conveyor 66" 60" 72"
1 sorting roller conveyor 60" 48" 144"
1 Set of pneumatic wheels 84" 60" 15"
1 Down stacking cuber 96" 60" 60"
1 Accumulation conveyor 18" 36" 288"
1 Pallet dispenser 60" 60" 60"
1 Hydraulic power unit 36" 24" 48"
Weight 10,000 lbs
Drive Hydraulic motors/cylinders
Electrical power 15 HP
Production rate Up to 10 cubes/hr
Controls PLC with operator interface


The pattern forming is made by two men working from two platforms (one on each side) sorting the tumbled product on a special high strength powered roller conveyor. The pattern is controlled by a set of powered pneumatic wheels acting as a gate and as an indexer. The pattern is driven by the pneumatic wheels on a fast down stacking cuber. The two men ergonomic position on each side of the powered roller combined with the constant push of the pattern on the gate (pneumatic set of wheels) allow a production rate of up to 10 cubes per hour depending on complexity of the pattern to be cubed.


Special features

  • Strong receiving impact bed to receive tumbled product of up to 100 lbs.
  • Adjustable working platform to insure an ergonomic working position.
  • Friction driven roller conveyor for safe operation and fast positioning of the product.
  • Easy product change by adjusting the height of the pneumatic wheels.
  • Efficient rubber clutch for constant drive force of the pneumatic wheels.
  • Automatic wood pallet dispenser and a finished cube conveyor to hold 2 cubes.


  • Process tumbled products of all kind including variable length pavers, multiple unit retaining wall blocks, etc.
  • Allows the selection of the exact number of specific products in the pattern.
  • Production rate is equal or higher than much more expensive system.
  • Process 3 to 4 times more than manual cubing with the same manpower.
  • High rate of return on your investment.