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Buyers can either select equipment they want information on and send us the equipment number or they can use D.I.T.'s expertise to help them select the right equipment for their project by providing the following information:

  • What concrete product do you wish to produce?
  • Do you know the production capacity needed?
  • Do you have a preference for the age or brand name of the equipment?
  • How urgent is your project?
  • What is your approximate budget?
  • In what country is the equipment going to?

When your needs are clearly identified, D.I.T. will send you multiple quotes to provide you with the best value for your money.

Buyers will benefit from D.I.T.'s equipment expertise, including prior visits, appraisals, knowledge of the equipment's history and long-time relationships with many sellers.

D.I.T.'s buyer-specific recommendations save you both time and travel expenses when it comes time to inspect the equipment.

You will also benefit from D.I.T.'s established list of contractors available to dismantle and even reinstall the used equipment.

D.I.T.'s administrative personnel will ensure that you receive the best transport and insurance rates.

A bank wire transfer is required prior to dismantling or shipping. If needed, we can also use letters of credit as an alternative.

All transport, brokerage, and paperwork can be handled by D.I.T.

TYPES OF USED EQUIPMENT TRADED Any equipment related to concrete products manufacturing, such as:

Block Plant & Paving Stone Plant

Plant and/or machines from Besser, Columbia, Fleming and European machines, unit like OMAG, Schlosser, Henke, MASA, Rekers etc. Plant components like cubers, splitters, mixers, color systems, batching plants including aggregate bins and silos.

Batching Plant

Fixed or portable, including aggregate bins, scales, silos for cement and fly ash.


Mixers of all type; pan type, ribbon type, tilting for both precast and ready mix premix plant.

Concrete Product Surface Treatment

Including tumblers for aging paving stone, splitters for retaining wall, concrete brick and architectural blocks, shot blasters, grinders, bushammers.

Roof Tiles

Roof tile plant and/or machines and equipment.


Pipe machines and equipment.


Slab machines including. Ex: Fielding, Henke, Fleming, Häge, Oshem, Rino, etc.