Gilles Desharnais


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Retired Ex-President of President of D.I.T. Equipment Inc.Professional Engineer

Graduated from Polytechnique University of Montreal, Canada

  • President of D.I.T. Equipment Inc., for the past 25 years, leading the buying and selling of used concrete product equipment plants and plant components from Europe, USA, and Canada for resale worldwide.
  • Has led the manufacturing and development of new product lines for the past 13 years including:
    • High-speed splitter for in-line splitting of brick and/or retaining wall products made on large board machines
    • Tumblers
    • Tumbler feeding system
    • Tumbled products, semi-automatic and automatic recubing
    • Aging system for retaining wall block
    • Aging system for pavers
    • Automatic wet cast system for veneer and tiles for masonry and landscaping industry
  • Ten years as Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for a leading concrete product manufacturer (Old Castle, Canada).
  • Five years as member of ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) board of directors.
  • Co-owner of many concrete product and manufacturing equipment patents.
  • Pioneering expert of tumbled pavers, splitted and tumbled retaining walls, and other aging system for S.R.W.