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Block Plants (American type)

Manufacturer Besser
Model V3-12J
Year of Manufacturing 1999
Category Block Plants (American type)
Equipment Number 10325
Condition Very good
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Aggregate Handling System

Besser/Appco  1999      
4 - Ground concrete agg bunkers        
Ramp accessible receiving hopper, 20 ton capacity      
24" x ___' trough conveyor to overhead agg bins      
Shuttle belt            
4 - agg storage bins, 35 ton cap each        
Weigh belt below agg bins (load cell)        
Batching System            
Southeastern Controls batching system        
LaSeuer Moisture panel             
Besser 80 CF mixer            
Discharge trough conveyor to holding hopper  (24" x ____ ft)  (251-09-8)  
Machine Holding Hopper          
72 Cu Ft capacity w/ partition and flop gate      
24" wide metering belt, reversing.        
Block Machine            
Besser V3-12J 1999      
Panel View 1000            
Air compaction, Posidyne vibration, mold guidance      
Machine Pallets            
18.5" x 26"x 5/16      One side fair condition    
8600 pallets in system.   300 spare pallets.      
Front Delivery Conveyor          
Chain style with finishing brush and air knives      
Pallet dump station            
2 ton electric hoist with mold carrier        
Besser MS-10  - 9 spades.          
New style elevator brakes.          
Rack Loader/Unloader System          
Besser LSC-40            
Rack Transfer System          
Besser LST-C3            
63 racks inside, 7 racks outside.        
135 pallets/rack     3 bay, 9 shelf, 5 deep        
10 1/2" shelf spacing          
Curing System/Contols          
Hurst 4VT-G40-150 Boiler controlled by batch panel      
Water softener and treatment pump        
Pallet Unload Conveyor          
Chain style to depalleter          
Paco single blade - eccentric type, double push      
Pallet Return Conveyor          
Besser chain style             
Product Feed to Splitter          
PACO Bar Conveyor            
PACO turnover            
Besser Lithibar splitter   Transfer to Oakland    
Model:       Replace w/ Columbia Splitter at Oakland
Mounted on track on floor w/ straight roller conv section    
Besser Lithibar Cuber          
Model # 44321.09   Wiring # 44321E1      
Wood Pallet Injector          
Besser Lithibar wood pallet injector        
Cuber Discharge Conveyor          
Roller, motorized            
Stretch Wrapper            
Poly Bro W30            
Discharge Cubeveyor          
Powered roller conveyor          
90 Degree Transfer            
PACO 90 deg cube conveyor          
50" w gravity roller conveyor   5-10 ft sections      
Retaining Wall 2 - 8 in high units        
12 SF              
12 OBL   Restricted BB Vibrators      
80808       Vibrators      
120816 Regular     Vibrators      
2 1/4x8x16 slabs     Vibrators      
8 SF   3 cavity mold Vibrators      
8" BN       Vibrators      
8 OBL   Restricted BB Vibrators      
120808   Cores missing        
4" solid       Vibrators      
4" SF Solid 4 units centered        
060816 Reg     Vibrators Transfering to Tulsa.  
080816 Reg     Vibrators