Used equipment

Pipe or Manhole Complete Plants

Manufacturer Baumgartner
Model 1230
Year of Manufacturing To come
Category Pipe or Manhole Complete Plants
Equipment Number 14693
Condition Very good
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Used Baugmartner 1230 pipe plant with all accessories. 


Control Unit - Frequency Controller

 Basic ring compactor - male end ring

 Software diameter change

 Mold support for forklift

 Carpet sprayer

 Automatic carpet control

 Automatically tapie out

 Hopper outlet in automatic

 Long elevation cylinders

 Support and tools of change diameters

 Work platform


 Polyurethane layer for hopper

 Intermediate hopper

 Supplement for 3.0 m pipes.


 2 molds D = 400 (220 basic rings)

 2 molds D = 500 (200 basic rings)

 2 molds D = 600 (190 basic rings)

 2 molds D = 800 (120 basic rings

 2 molds D = 1000 (90 basic rings)

 2 molds D = 1200 (60 basic rings)

1 M B K test bench

 Vacuum and water pressure. Laser marking, centering

 longitudinal, measurement of the abutment, grinding within the

 the male end and the female end with diamond discs

 and two rotation systems for grinding and measuring abutments