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Pipe or Manhole Complete Plants

Manufacturer BFS
Year of Manufacturing 2003
Category Pipe or Manhole Complete Plants
Equipment Number 32595
Condition Very good
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BFS Complete Concrete Pipe Plant, 2003.



Concrete Pipe Plant DN300 - DN3600 M20394 The plant consists of two production lines, one fully automatic for pipes up to DN1200, Packerhead Technology and one double station semi-automatic for pipes up to DN3600, box culvert etc. Vibration technology.



The SOUVERAEN is the BFS pipe machine for high-performance production with first-class product quality. The counter-rotating pressing tool takes over the concrete compaction and is controlled by a sophisticated control system. The feeding of the concrete will be torque controlled, instead of concrete weight in standard systems. So the compaction quality is always secured.


The JUMBO, the second machine, is a double station vibration machine. Plant is complete, includes 5 large forklifts and the batching plant. Production of concrete pipes according to all international standards. Production line I: The automatic plant from DN 300 to DN 1200: is based on a packerhead machine (radial press) from BFS.


The automatic handling is an open floor system. All the automatic open floor has been built by well known companies. The machine can produce 42 pipe/hour up to DN 400 and about 200 DN1200 pipes in 8 hours shift. Pipes are 2.5 meters tall. A full automatic pallet handling guarantees cleaned pallets in the right number.


The full automatic open floor pipe handling consits of two huge and very fast automatic cranes, Robot 1 and Robot 2 which place the produced pipes down to the floor heated area and after curing to the demoulding and cleaning stations.


Production line II: Vibratory machine up to DN3600 The vibration machine: is a double station (one with core and one with vibration table). The machine is equipped with round pipe molds, box culverts and manhole molds


The plant has 2 cage machines various forklift, a tilter for box culvert, one overhead crane and a batching plant. The installation is complete, bridge cranes and concrete mixing plant could also be included. It is not currently running, but is full operative and it could be partly started. If necessary, we can provide complete assistance (