Used equipment

Surface Treatment - Tumbling Equipment

Manufacturer DIT Equipment
Model Tumbler and re-cubing system
Year of Manufacturing 2005
Category Surface Treatment - Tumbling Equipment
Equipment Number 12347
Condition Very good


One Tumbler. One used 2005 DIT Equipment Squidly re-cubing system including: 1) 4-ft long impact bed conveyors to receive product from the tumbler, 2) A 12-ft long, 48? wide roller conveyor friction driven by an elastic system for manual sorting of product and for pattern forming with a men on each side. 3) Two working platforms adjustable in length for the most ergonomic movement. 4) One overhead pusher replacing the set of pneumatic wheels that was the indexing system to the cuber. 5) Fully automatic cubing system including a high speed down-stacking cuber with abrasive resistant steel plate and automatic counterweight to stabilize top pavers. 6) One chain conveyor for two finished cubes. 7) One automatic wood pallet dispenser. 8) Hydraulic power unit and controls included. No feeding system. The equipment is now dismantled.